SVG Ellipse

SVG Ellipse – <ellipse>

The <ellipse> element is used to create an ellipse.

An ellipse is closely related to a circle. The difference is that an ellipse has an x and a y radius that differs from each other, while a circle has equal x and y radius:

Example 1

The following example creates an ellipse:

Here is the SVG code:


<svg height="140" width="500">
  <ellipse cx="200" cy="80" rx="100" ry="50"
  style="fill:yellow;stroke:purple;stroke-width:2" />

Code explanation:

  • The cx attribute defines the x coordinate of the center of the ellipse
  • The cy attribute defines the y coordinate of the center of the ellipse
  • The rx attribute defines the horizontal radius
  • The ry attribute defines the vertical radius

Example 2

The following example creates three ellipses on top of each other:

Here is the SVG code:


<svg height="150" width="500">
  <ellipse cx="240" cy="100" rx="220" ry="30" style="fill:purple" />
  <ellipse cx="220" cy="70" rx="190" ry="20" style="fill:lime" />
  <ellipse cx="210" cy="45" rx="170" ry="15" style="fill:yellow" />

Example 3

The following example combines two ellipses (one yellow and one white):

Here is the SVG code:


<svg height="100" width="500">
  <ellipse cx="240" cy="50" rx="220" ry="30" style="fill:yellow" />
  <ellipse cx="220" cy="50" rx="190" ry="20" style="fill:white" />

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